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Dr. Mehta and his staff (especially Lulu) are great!! Dr. Mehta has a great bedside manner and takes the time to talk to you and answer any and all questions that you may have. My situation was different than most. I had an old gastric banding placed in back in 1985. My surgery was performed by a surgeon who no longer practices.  I had gone to many doctors and finally met Dr. Mehta who decided to help me by performing corrective surgery to remove the band and perform the new gastric bypass. I was back up to 225 lbs and I am now down to 140 lbs. My husband met with Dr. Mehta while he was in the hospital and liked his manners and asked me to call him. I had no problem getting an appointment and he explained everything I needed to know. I had the surgery and I am now feeling great and no longer in pain. I love Dr. Mehta and his staff. I felt I made a great choice and I am glad he took my case on and helped me out. 


Dr. Mehta is beyond amazing . I had some complications and he and his team went above and beyond . I traveled from California and wouldn’t trust anyone else to do a gastric sleeve on anyone else. I’m going back for a tummy tuck soon and have never trusted a doctor as much as I do Dr. Mehta.


One of the most understanding, caring and patient offices I have ever visited. I say office because the entire team help you want to achieve your goals, all options are reviewed and explained thoroughly.
Highly recommended 


I chose Dr. Mehta because I heard such good things about him and also the fact that my daughter had surgery by him. Before surgery I was weighing 254 lbs. By January 24, 2005 I was down a total of 36 lbs. It was easy to get an appointment with him, maybe the next day or so. He was very good in answering all of my questions to the fullest. I should have done this years ago. Yes, he explained the risk of surgery. The staff was wonderful and very helpful. I would tell anyone I know to go and have the operation it will change your whole life. Thanks doctor. 


I was made aware of Dr. Mehta’s program through an associate at work and went to a seminar. I was shocked at the reaction that Dr. Mehta received from his patients during the seminar. He answered all of my questions straight to the point. Even though snags with my insurance my total experience with the program was fantastic!! Dr. Mehta has given me my life back! I am able to live and work like I did when I was young! I feel I was given a chance to start over and I owe it to Dr. Mehta. My surgery was flawless. I felt great after. Recovery was quick and now I am on my way to new goals. Thank you so much for the new LIFE!!


Dr. Mehta was referred to me by Dr. Brolin. At the very first visit I knew that Dr. Mehta was the person I wanted to do my surgery. He explained psychological factures, post op recovery, physical changes and how Bariatric surgery works. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to provide information and answer any questions I had. Dr. Mehta can truly concentrate on what he does best; providing expert Bariatric surgery in an atmosphere of comfort and confidence. I had my surgery in Dec 2002 and have lost 70 lbs. I have had no side effects and now live a happy healthy life. Thank you. 


When my doctor first talked to me about Gastric Bypass Surgery I was skeptical. I was 323 lbs and just diagnosed with allergy induced asthma. I had always thought that surgery was so drastic. My doctor made me promises just to meet with Dr. Mehta and then make my decision because I was not going to lose the 160 lbs that I needed to lose by myself. Dr. Mehta literally knocked me off my feet. His presentation was thorough, he went through all the pros and cons, and he answered any questions we had. His office staff is super, they helped me with my insurance, it was seamless, my first meeting was on August 30, 2003 and I got a surgery date of October 1st. I had to postpone because October is a really busy time at my job. The staff is always extremely helpful with any questions I may have. I try to attend as many support group meetings that I can because I find them helpful and very important. I use the online support groups in conjunction to the support group meetings as well. As of today I am 166 lbs and feeling great. I would like to go to 150 lbs but if I stay where I am I will still be happy. I have people that I hardly know from my building and job coming up to me saying how great I look and I now have more energy than I know what to do with. I work out with a personal trainer at least once a week. The personal trainers that Dr. Mehta has are super, I wish I could take advantage of using them but the traveling from Jersey City to Somerset was just a little too much for me to continue at the pace that I feel I need to ensure my success. Many people ask me if it was worth it and I tell them absolutely!! I would do it again in a heartbeat but only if Dr. Mehta is the doctor. 


Prior to surgery I weighed 280 lbs. It was quick and easy to obtain an appointment with the Mehta Bariatric Center. Dr. Mehta was confident and calm. He answered all of my questions and we began the process. I attended one support group meeting prior to surgery which introduced the personal trainers and plastic surgery available. I had my surgery on May 2, 2005 and have had a wonderful recovery. I did not use MBC’s after care program yet. I have lost 50 lbs in 11 weeks and I’m very pleased with the results. 


After extensive research, I chose Dr. Mehta because of his excellent credentials and references. I called other offices but Dr. Mehta’s staff was the only ones who were very friendly and knowledgeable of the procedure. I was able to get an appointment right away. During my consultation Dr. Mehta answered all of my questions and told me about the pros and cons of the surgery. I left knowing I was making the right decision. I was able to have the surgery scheduled at my convenience which I chose a couple months after my consultation. Before and after my surgery, the staff, Lulu and Debbie were very helpful and friendly. I was also able to speak with a dietician to help me with the right foods to eat week by week after my surgery. It’s been 6 months from my surgery and I have lost 75 lbs and gained so much confidence. I would recommend the Mehta Bariatric Center for anyone who is thinking of having surgery; you will be well taken care of physically and emotionally. Words cannot describe how I feel and how thankful I am for choosing Dr. Mehta!! 


I chose Dr. Mehta because of his long extent school history, a lot of experience, easy person to talk to and understand. All risks factors where discussed (nothing kept away). I made a very good choice, Dr. Mehta is great!! Dr. Mehta has a great support system. The office staff, Lulu, is the heart of the office. She has so much energy that you feel that she is your angel showing you that it is going to be fine. I really would to recommend Raritan Bay Hospital. I felt like I had 10 mothers all there to take care of me. Never, ever was I taken care of in that manner. 
The best!! 


My heart doctor suggested getting the gastric bypass operation due to my weight which was up to 340 lbs. (BMI 44) and I have a heart condition, knee problems and other things. I’ve tried every diet and quick fix there was, but always gained more weight. I did lots of research on Laparoscopic surgery to find the right doctor. My friend had the operation performed by Dr. Mehta and told me how wonderful he and his staff (Debbie & Lulu) were and he was right. All my questions were answered honestly; I got an appointment within a few days, and got my surgery a month later. Debbie and Lulu could not be more helpful with my insurance approval, questions I had (no matter how silly) and support. They’re great!! Dr. Mehta is a total professional who takes great pride in what he does along with Dr. Patel. He also has a great after care program which includes: Support Groups, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, ect. I would highly recommend, if you’re considering Lap Bypass Surgery, make an appointment to see Dr. Mehta, I could not have found a better surgeon. He saved my life. 


I think Dr. Mehta and his program is the best thing to happen to me. I picked Dr. Mehta because I heard he was good doctor. I got an appointment really quick and Dr. Mehta and his staff were very kind and explained everything to me. I weighed 252 lbs and now I weigh 194 lbs and that is only 3 months after surgery. I would recommend people to Dr. Mehta. He is a very kind doctor and he explained all the risk of surgery. Dr. Mehta staff is very helpful and answers all questions for you. They are always available to help. 


I chose Dr. Mehta because a friend recommended him. I called and got an appointment promptly. After meeting with Dr. Mehta I knew he was the one I wanted to perform my surgery. He explained everything thoroughly. Before and after surgery, there was so much support, between his office staff and support groups. I started out weighing 275 lbs I am now weighing 200 lbs in only 5 months. I got my life back and I owe it all to Dr. Mehta and the Mehta Bariatric Center!! 


When I first Dr. Mehta I was impressed with his knowledge of the Bariatric surgery. What I liked the most about him was the way he answered all of my questions without any hesitation. He was honest and made me feel comfortable. His staff was quick and always pleasant. It’s been 2 years since my surgery and I am a new man. My life has changed tremendously. I am more active now than when I was a child and wake up every morning looking forward to what the day has to offer. Dr. Mehta has great bed side manner. He takes time out to answer any of my questions. I would re-do this surgery in a heart beat. Choosing the Mehta Bariatric Center was the best decision I have ever made. 


I heard about the Mehta Bariatric Center from a radio advertisement… (888) NEW-BODY. Really easy to remember!! I called immediately. I spoke to a staff member who explained the procedure and answered all my questions. I attended a seminar the next day and was very impressed with Dr. Mehta. He was very kind and compassionate and explained everything, all risks involved with the surgery. I was able to get an appointment within a few days and my surgery was scheduled three weeks later. I am 5’2″ and weighed 226 pounds on the day of the surgery. Eight months later I am 147 pounds and look and terrific but, more importantly, feel terrific. The amount of energy I now have is amazing. Dr. Mehta really is a miracle worker…he gave me my life back! Everyone in Dr. Mehta’s office is helpful and willing and able to answer all your questions. It was a wonderful experience…I wish I had done it sooner. 


I found Dr Mehta via a Google Search in August or July 2005. I went to his website and gave the toll-free number a call a couple of times before Lulu talked me into actually attended on of the free seminars. It was September when I went to the seminar and from then it’s been a whirlwind of activity. Labs psych evaluations, switching PCP’s and approved! Lulu – as is Dr Mehta’s entire staff – is awesome!!! So fast! So knowledgeable! 


Two years ago my life was changed when I found Dr. Mehta and The Mehta Bariatric Center. Since then I have lost 140 lbs and all my medical problems are gone. This time I had to have a hernia repaired and I put myself back in Dr. Mehta’s very capable hands. He recommended that I also have a tummy tuck at the same time to alleviate the problem of infections of the extra skin after weight loss. I agreed and so did my insurance company. I was in Robert Wood one night and was home the next day. Five weeks after surgery, I never needed a pain killer. The incision has healed perfectly and the hernia is repaired too. I never had any doubt in Dr. Mehta’s abilities as a surgeon from our 1st meeting over 2 years ago. Thanks for taking such good care of me!! 


Dr. Mehta is wonderful. I chose Dr. Mehta after seeing him on TV. I went to the website and researched his practice. I called the office and got an appointment almost immediately. I have struggled with my weight all my life, but when I got in my forties it hit an all time high of 196 lbs. At 5’1″ that was way too much. During the consultation Dr. Mehta explained the procedure thoroughly. He agreed to do my surgery even though I had a BMI of 37. I did have co-morbidities such as Hypertension and High Cholesterol. I was first denied by my insurance carrier but with my primary care’s help, it was appealed and approved. Dr. Mehta’s staff was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. Lulu is an angel and takes the time to get back to you, when email her almost… immediately. I have only gone to one support meeting so far. I found it very helpful. I will attend more. Five weeks post op and I have a weight of 166 lbs. Having the surgery was the best decision I made. Thank you Dr. Mehta and the Mehta Bariatric Center. And special thanks to Lulu. 


My initial meeting with Dr. Mehta was April 13, 2006, and I was extremely impressed with the entire staff. I run a company as an Office Administrator and I notice the operations of an office instantly – they are efficient and definitely worth the time. My experience was delightful and would highly recommend Dr. Mehta to anyone who is able to utilize him for this life experience. The support staff is also amazing. I love talking to LULU she is a trip and down to earth. Kristen is also extremely helpful and always on top of things. THANKS TO THE STAFF AND DR. MEHTA FOR MAKING THIS JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE AND EASIER. 


Dr. Mehta is very informative and supportive, as well as the whole staff. The office staff and nutritionist are very supportive and encouraging. Lulu gets everything done for you ASAP. When you call with a problem, she gets right on it. At effort all around. Upbeat and informative staff also well knowledgeable. 


After doing a year’s worth of research on the various options for weight loss surgery, I decided that the lap Band system offered the most flexible solution. I met with Dr. Mehta and he immediately put me at ease. He understood my concerns with all of the options, and agreed that in my circumstances the lap band was right for me. Dr. Mehta and all of his staff were instrumental in helping me through all of the processes involved with getting medical and psychological clearances for the surgery and insurance company authorized. After my surgery Dr. Mehta and all of his staff continue to be helpful, supportive and encouraging. I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am with my surgery, Dr. Mehta and his staff. 17 months after surgery and I have lost 105 lbs so far, and continue to lose. My sleep apnea has been resolved and I have more energy than I have had in years. 


Dr. Mehta did a great job at making my life better along with making me a lot healthier. The operation was a success and I lost 180 lbs. the follow up visits to his office is a pleasure because of his office staff and Dr. Mehta himself. The Doc wants to make sure I stay healthy and does everything to make sure I stay that way. 


Doctor and his staff have treated me very well and I am very pleased at the quickness of retrieving my approval from my insurance carrier. I am very excited and looking forward to having my surgery and beginning my new life. 


Having the gastric bypass changed my life. I have more confidence in myself then I ever had in my life. And after the StomaphyX I have gained even more confidence in myself. It has made me a better person and a healthier person. Thanks to Dr. Mehta! 


Dr. Mehta is very thorough and highly competent. He is an outstanding surgeon and has great bedside manner. Best of all he is reachable 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I never met a surgeon who supplies his patients with his personal cell phone number. 


I was impressed with Dr. Mehta and his staff the minute I met with them. He made me feel like he cared about my obesity and assured me that he could help. He was not judgmental and did not look down at me because of my size. 


Dr. Mehta and his staff helped me to change my life. Thank you!! 


Great! The doctor is very caring and is very experience at what he does. His staff is very helpful before and after surgery. This decision to have the surgery was the right one. I feel great!! 


I was very comfortable with Dr. Mehta although I’m not a big doctor fan. I would recommend him to help change someone’s life. 


I consulted with 3 other Bariatric doctors before meeting with Dr. Mehta. None of them made me feel the confidence and security that Dr. Mehta portrayed. He even gives out his personal cell phone number to his patients. Now I never met a physician who does that. This has been the best decision that I could have ever made for myself. 


A wonderful group of individuals who are caring, attentive, positive & supportive. I am very satisfied with the care I’ve received. 


After visiting several doctors, I chose Dr. Mehta. He is an extremely talented surgeon with a sterling record and reputation. Also, Mehta Bariatric Center has superior resources for every step of the process. I am completely satisfied with the care I have received from Dr. Mehta and his staff and would highly recommend them to all. 


I can’t say enough about Dr. Mehta and his staff. They have been so helpful and understanding through the whole process. I have energy and I feel the best I ever had. It was the best decision of my life. 


My first impression of Dr. Vishal Mehta was that he was a caring, intelligent, honest and thorough surgeon. His office staff is wonderful. Overall, I would rate him as one of the best — he is extremely competent and has an awesome bedside manner, both important qualities I was looking for. After much research, I think I made the best decision and would recommend him to anyone! 


Before I met Dr. Mehta I met with other doctors and no one was as kind and relaxed as he was. They seem to have everything you need right in the one office. Dr. Mehta’s support group meetings are awesome; everything you want to know you can get from these meetings. 


Dr. Mehta is a great guy and his staff is excellent. They took good care of me before and after my surgery. 


Dr. Mehta and his staff are Phenomenal!! I chose Dr. Mehta as my surgeon because of all the wonderful things I heard about him and his staff. The support groups are awesome! Very informative and motivating! I could not have been more satisfied with the care I received before and after surgery. I would recommend Mehta Bariatric Center to anyone and everyone considering WLS. This was the best decision I ever made. Thanks to Dr. Mehta and staff! They have changed my life forever!! 


Thanks to the excellent care and help from Dr. Mehta and his staff, I’ve already lost almost 30 pounds in one month! I’m on my way to a new life of fun with my family – no more sitting around wishing! 


I found him to be very knowledgeable and straight forward about the decision to have surgery, as well as the actual procedure. Dr. Mehta definitely provides a comprehensive program as he offers monthly support group meetings and other ongoing support. I would highly recommend Dr. Mehta to anyone considering Gastric Bypass surgery. 


Dr. Mehta is the BEST doctor I ever had. What doctor closes down an upscale restaurant hires a band with an open bar and gives away gifts to his patients. NONE. Every time I hear Christina Aguilera “You are beautiful, no matter what they say” I cry. That was the theme of our Christmas party in 2003. Before choosing Dr. Mehta I visited at least eight other surgeons. I had no confidents in doctors or hospitals after my mom died after a “routine” surgery in Sept 2000. My health was failing and I was weighing 487 lbs with a bad back. Exactly one year later Sept 24, 2004, I have already lost 191 lbs and still losing. Most bariatric centers put you on a waiting list for at least one year – within two weeks of my initial consultation I was operated on. Which left me no time to back out. Dr. Mehta’s approach in explaining the operation by via film questions and answers, perks and risks, in a group setting allowed my husband and myself fully understand everything we needed to know before, during and after surgery. Even a year later he is always available even on weekends and weird hours. You’ll have no problem reaching him. God gifted Dr. Mehta with the gifts of working miracles, and now everywhere I go I hear “you are beautiful”. 


I have been going to Dr. Mehta for years. My first procedure was a mini tuck and lipo. I was debating which one to do and instead of making me chose and get something I wasn’t happy with Dr. Mehta worked with me on the price. Later on I decided to do a full tummy tuck and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I had two babies a few years after the tummy tuck and my stomach was right back flat as soon as I pushed the kids out. ( 2 separate births might I add). Anytime I was curious or had questions about my surgery I could always get in-touch with Lulu (who’s also been there since my first consultation). The latest body tweek I got was the gastric sleeve. Best decision I ever made. I lost about 50 lbs so far and I love the way I feel. He does good work and the staff is always reachable. Def would recommend to anyone debating getting a little work done.


I chose Dr. Mehta of the Mehta Bariatric Center because I heard he was a very great doctor. When I had my surgery I was weighing 365 lbs. I got my appointment right away. My first impression of Dr. Mehta was “Wow he’s so young”. He was able to answer all of my questions. His staff is excellent. They are all very informative, helpful and very nice to me. The one I love the most and helped me through out was Lulu. There nutritionist is also great. She answered all of my questions. They have a very good support group. I’m so glad I had my surgery with Dr. Mehta I never chose another doctor. Dr. Mehta is a top of the line doctor. 


Dr. Mehta is an excellent surgeon Dr. Mehta was a general surgeon caring about his patient a wonderful doctor. Offices staff very caring, very helpful, someone came to visit you while being in the hospital. 


I was very impressed with Dr. Mehta. He takes his time answering any questions you may have, explains everything to you in full. He also has a wonderful staff working for him. The atmosphere is one of comfort and family. Lulu and Debbie, you are truly two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. My surgery was approved in a mere 2 days, I was pleasantly surprised. I think that choosing Dr. Mehta as my surgeon is the best decision I can make. I am very comfortable with my decision and look forward to keeping you all updated about my progress. 


I heard about Dr. Mehta through my mother. I felt very comfortable around him. At our first meeting, Dr. Mehta explained the procedure and all risks with me. The staff that Dr. Mehta has is very friendly and helpful with all your questions. I felt like Lulu was a personal friend of mine. Before my surgery, I weighed 237 lbs now I am weighing 145 lbs. I feel great!! I have not been able to utilize the Mehta Bariatric Center’s after care program because of where I live, in Delaware. If I lived closer, I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize it. I highly recommend Dr. Mehta and the Mehta Bariatric Center. 


Dr. Mehta is an experienced Bariatric surgeon with very good credentials and a large support group as well as a staff. I picked Dr. Mehta for his knowledge, his hospital affiliation, credentials, office location and his bedside manner. His office personnel, Lulu and Debbie are great. Once I made up my mind to go through with the WLS surgery I made an appointment with two bariatric doctors. I decided to go with Dr. Mehta. His staff was able to get me a an appointment within a few days. He was able to answer all of my questions and made me feel comfortable in answering any future questions. I was able to call any time (which I did). Dr. Mehta was very thoughtful, very informative and I even called the office, being 4 1/2 months out, and Lulu or Debbie always answers my questions. I hit it off with the staff. I haven’t been able to use the after care program, I did use the nutritionist, my exercise program is simple, but haven’t used their personal trainers. Dr. Mehta came to visit and check up on me every day. I would do it all over again only with Dr. Mehta. 


I was very impressed with Dr. Mehta’s “hands on” approach where he is very involved with his patients before and after surgery. My weight before surgery was 302 – I am now 269 and losing. My new life started on July 5, 2005, when I had my surgery. Dr. Mehta and his staff are very friendly, helpful and understanding of the patient’s needs. I highly recommend Dr. Mehta to anyone who is thinking about having weight loss surgery. He and his staff are the best. The “Mehta chicks rock!!” 


I am very grateful to Dr. Mehta, Dr. Patel, Debbie and Lulu for a fantastic experience with my Roux N Y gastric bypass. I first attended Dr. Mehta’s seminar in May 2005, and got an appt within the next 2 weeks to come into the office. Dr. Mehta is a very professional, young and very handsome Bariatric surgeon. He and his staff made me feel at ease, answering all of my questions and explaining all the prep before surgery. I was approved for surgery for Aug 3rd and I was overjoyed. I looked at it as a second chance for a healthy life style. I am a diabetic and I have seen what that disease did to my older relatives. Dr. Mehta explained that diabetes would no longer be a problem for me after the gastric bypass; this was the main reason for my surgery. It’s only been 11 days after my surgery and I have already lost 12 lbs. My goal is to reach my ideal weight of 120 lbs and stay healthy and fit for life. I intend to attend support group meetings. Dr. Mehta has annual picnics and holiday parties too. My experience with Dr. Mehta and his staff has been wonderful so far!! 


I chose Dr. Mehta after watching a TV program about his Bariatric program. I also attended a seminar which provided me and my husband with an abundance of information regarding the different types of weight loss surgeries available. Before surgery I weighed 249 lbs. I called Dr. Mehta’s office and had an appointment the following week. My surgery was scheduled about 6 weeks later. Dr. Mehta took the time to answer all of my questions and never made me feel uncomfortable about being so over weight. The staff at the Mehta Bariatric Center couldn’t be more helpful. They have a wonderful support group which gives everyone a feeling of belonging. I wish I would have known Dr. Mehta ten years ago. But I’m loving life now!! 


Dr. Mehta and his staff are awesome!! They treat you like a person, not a patient. Getting my initial appointment was easy, and my surgery was scheduled in 6 weeks. All of my questions continue to be answered fully. The most impressive thing is Dr. Mehta calls you back instantly – 24/7. He even showed up at the hospital near midnight once to check on me! Lulu and Debbie are absolutely wonderful too – they always have the answers and the support you need. My surgery was in August 2005 and I started at 329 lbs. As of today, exactly 9 weeks post op I have lost 55 lbs, feel great, look great and can’t wait to lose the rest. This was the best thing I could have done!! 


Dr. Mehta and his staff were good. I had an easy recovery and didn’t require much aftercare. I was pleased with the service as well as care. 


I chose Dr. Mehta because my aunt referred me and she had great changes in her health after her surgery. Before the surgery I weighed 337 lbs, three months post op I weighed 271 lbs. I was able to get an appointment right away. When I first met Dr. Mehta he was kind, very well educated and he took the time to explain every risk and benefit factor to me. The staff was great and very supportive. 


I just had my surgery a month ago. I am already down 30 lbs. Feeling great already. Never imagined the drastic change that 30 lbs could do for me. I can breathe better and move around without such pain. Picking Dr. Mehta and the Mehta Bariatric Center was the best decision I have ever made. The staff, especially Lulu filled you up with such energy and always made me feel comfortable. No one better to give you an idea of what to expect, since she herself is a patient and looks great also. My family and I are very grateful for Dr. Mehta and his knowledge. He is such a caring physician with great bed side manner. Always made me feel comfortable. I am going to enjoy my outcomes of life from here on in thanks to Dr. Mehta. 


I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how I feel about my surgery. Today is exactly 1 month since I had my surgery performed by Dr. Mehta at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. At my weigh in yesterday I have already lost 68 lbs and I am amazed!! My clothes are all too big and I am getting compliments from everyone I see. When I first decided to go ahead with the surgery I was filled with trepidation, I am known as a big baby when pain is concerned. I was very pleased that the post op pain was to a minimum! I was up and walking the next day and was ready to leave the hospital in only 2 days! And I was back to work after one week! I really want to thank your staff too, without Debbie dealing directly with my insurance company I am sure they never would have approved me, she will surely be missed! Lulu was and is a constant source of encouragement. Thank heavens for both of them. Also, I have to tell you that Dr. Patel is one of the kindest physicians I have ever had; he helped me immensely in the run up to the surgery. Dr. Patel is a huge asset to the Mehta Bariatric Center. Dr. Mehta explained all of the possible risks of the surgery and I took them all to heart, however, I can say at this point I have experienced no ill effects. I suffered from severe sleep apnea before the surgery and I am thrilled to tell you that now I sleep through the night, every night and I don’t get sleepy in the middle of the day anymore! Also I used to take a pill every day for acid reflux disease, and since the operation I have not had to take them anymore! My only regret in this whole matter is that I didn’t do this years ago. Dr. Mehta, I don’t know if I will every be able to properly thank you for changing my life! All I can do is be a voice on the street and tell any who are in need about you and what you and your staff can do. I know that you do this every day and it is your profession, but as for me and my family, you will always have a place at my table! (The servings may be small but you can have seconds!) I don’t want to get all melodramatic but you saved my life. No one has ever done that before and again I will never be able to thank you enough. I can’t believe this all started by hearing a commercial on New Jersey 101.5. That day changed everything for me. I called for an appointment and was in your office 2 days after and before I knew it a surgery date was set, insurance approved, and all of the pre-op tests commenced. Everything happened so very fast and so efficiently, you should be proud of everyone in your office. And in closing I also must express my thanks for the after care you provided. I attended my first post-op support group a few days ago and it was very helpful to meet and talk with others that are in my position. That interaction will go a long way to giving me not only a positive mental attitude but to help motivate me to lose more and to maintain my new healthy lifestyle. I know that you don’t need to do it but thank G-D that you do. I will never miss one. Well I have bloviated quite enough, feel free to use my story any way you deem fit. I will be happy to talk to any one on your behalf. If you have a patient who needs encouragement or questions answered by a non doctor have them call me. Thank you for giving me my life back. SCOTT R. SOMERSET, NJ


After much research I found the Mehta Bariatric center. I wasn’t just going to have this surgery with anyone. The center had to really appeal to me and ensure all my needs. I went to the center and got all the information I needed. Both Dr. Mehta and the staff were very helpful. They answered all my questions and put my mind to total ease. 


I was depressed, out of breath and thought I would never be able to loose over 100 lbs. I then decided after lots of thinking to have lap band surgery. After surgery I had very minimal pain, felt so confident in Dr. Mehta that my recovery was uneventful, weight loss was quick first month now about 21 lbs/week, and I am happy with that. It may take me a couple years to loose all my weight, but it took me years to gain it. Thanks to Mehta Bariatric Group!! 


Before the surgery I was feeling down sometimes because I could not fit any clothes. After surgery I am happy and joyful. Very good within myself. All owed to Dr. Mehta. 


All the wonderful things I read about Dr. Mehta and his staff during my research for my Roux-N-Y surgery was true. My experience was professional and caring. Beginning with my first visit, all the details about my surgery, the written information, the insurance and the office support were excellent. My recovery was amazingly comfortable and quick. It is now 10 weeks later and I’ve lost 40 lbs. Thank you, Dr. Mehta for giving me my life back!! 


My very first interaction with MBC was through their infomercial. I sat motionless watching the television and stuffing my face with one of my favorite snacks, can not remember right now but I am sure it was probably ice cream or chocolate. I was recently divorced because my husband constantly complained that I was fat and unattractive; my life or should I say my daily existence going to work, returning home, jump in my bed with food and watch television until I fell asleep. That infomercial stayed in my mind because it said you had to be grossly overweight to be considered for weight-loss surgery. I said to myself, that’s no problem, right now I weight 195 lbs, at the rate I am going I soon will be over 200 pounds. I was so disgusted with myself; it was probably divine intervention because I clicked the channel and saw the infomercial again; this time I decided to pick up the phone and call because I saw women who was 210 pounds and qualified for surgery. I jumped on the internet and began researching the lap-band system and decided that the next year 2008 I will no longer be “fat”. I called MBC and spoke with Lulu, who encouraged me to the point where I knew they could make a difference in my life. After meeting and speaking with Dr. Mehta I was totally convinced. I attended one of the seminars and heard testimonials of patients who underwent surgery; there was one particular lady who had the lap band surgery in February and in July she had lost about 45 pounds. I was so pumped up; I was determined more than ever to have the surgery. I was a little dismayed with the insurance company’s process of obtaining approval for the surgery but Gloria is a miracle worker!!! Kudos to Gloria, she even worked with my primary care physician to obtain the necessary documentation for the insurance company. I can still remember the day when Gloria called me at work and said she received the pre-approval for surgery; I was ecstatic!!! The next morning I was on the phone with Lulu and 5 days after I had surgery. I am one month post surgery and I can say Dr. Mehta and his staff have given me a reason for living again. Dr. Mehta was thorough and exudes a natural confidence which gave me the assurance that I was in good hands. Surgery was a breeze, I returned to work in 5 days!! At MBC the staff is professional and empathetic, the only things you have to do are show up and they take care of everything else!! I am now fitting into suits 3 sizes smaller and taking reduced medications for hypertension and high cholesterol. I no longer suffer from back pains, or chest pains, no more swollen ankles, I can walk up steps without gasping for breath. Thanks to Dr. Mehta and his staff, I NO LONGER EXIST, I HAVE A LIFE!!! 


I suffered from diabetes insulin dependent, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, sleep apnea, lack of energy, swollen feet and grumpiness. I underwent my surgery on June 5th, 2006. Even my grumpiness has gone away. Best of all I no longer use insulin and my sugar has been controlled. I no longer suffer from any of the other medical issues. My PCP was amazed and very impressed. I wish that there was a way to thank him for what he has done. If I could do it all over again, I would in heart beat with Dr. Mehta. 


I no longer have to inject myself with insulin. My breathing has improved drastically, my mobility is with less pain, my legs are not swollen any more and I do not lack energy. Thank you Dr. Mehta for all of your special attention and support. 


Dr. Mehta and the staff are wonderful! Everyone is really helpful and accommodating. I’m extremely pleased with the lap band surgery. My results have been great and I’m healthier than ever. 


A young guy, full of energy with a positive aura who made me feel special. 


Very positive experience. Only 5 weeks after lap band surgery and have lost a total of 29 lbs. I was reluctant as this was my first surgery of any kind but Dr. Mehta answered all of my questions and all the fear I had went away. 


My knees don’t even bother me anymore. I no longer take any blood pressure medication and my cholesterol is perfect. All thanks to Dr. Mehta and the Mehta Bariatric Center. 


Dr. Mehta and his staff were excellent. I choose Dr. Mehta because of his reputation as being one of the top surgeons in the Bariatric field. 


I am off my blood pressure and diabetes meds. I feel wonderful and I have Dr. Mehta to thank for giving me a new life. 


There was a great comfort level that continues to this day questions are answered willingly, phone messages are quickly returned and the girls in the office always have had time to give support advice and answer questions. Thank you MBC. 


I had surgery basically because all else failed. He was a dream come true. I would highly recommend Dr. Mehta. 


There is no talk of “hopelessness” at the MBC. In fact, Dr. Mehta and his team (the therapist Dr. Mehta recommends for dealing with obesity related issues) all work tirelessly to get their patients to where they need to be. I could not have done it without them!! 


I am greatful to Dr. Mehta and his team, THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK!!! 


My experience with Dr. Mehta and his staff have exceeded all of my expectations. The kind professional and caring service is what some one seeking bariatric surgery is looking for. The expertise of the doctor and his staff are evident. Anyone seeking bariatric surgery will be more than please with Dr. Mehta and his staff. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me through this life altering time. 


Dr. Mehta gave me the tools to work with and for that I’m thankful. I’m always telling people about Dr. Mehta and how he helped change my life. 


Dr. Mehta and his staff have been absolutely wonderful. I chose Dr. Mehta after much research and was impressed by his credentials. Getting an appointment was easy. I would definitely refer the facility. 


I thank God for directing me to Dr. Mehta. Because of the WLS I can experience life with children and finally live. 



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