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M E H T A   B A R I A T R I C   C E N T E R
A MINI TUMMY TUCK is for those who have a hanging skin fold on their lower abdomen. The skin above the belly button doesn't need to be treated. During this procedure, the lower abdomen is liposuctioned and the extra skin is removed. The belly button remains untouched. Dr. Mehta places the incision very low so it can be concealed with a bikini. This procedure takes about an hour, and can be performed under local anesthesia.
COST - $3,900 Package. Includes consultation, Liposuction of abdomen with Mini-tuck. Includes post-op compression garment. There are no hidden fees.
This is the TUMMY TUCK (aka: ABDOMINOPLASTY) where skin is removed from the front of the abdomen, the muscles tightened underneath, and the belly-button repositioned. Dr. Mehta is known for creating beautiful "innie" belly buttons which are small and virtually undetectable that surgery was performed.  He also keeps a low lying incision that is easily hidden under a bikini. 
COST- $8300 Package. Includes Consultation, Hospital fee, Anesthesia fee, Surgical fee, blood tests, EKG, and Chest X-ray (if needed), medications, abdominal garment, and office follow-ups. 1 overnight stay in the hospital, if needed, is $1316. There are no hidden fees.
During a TOTAL BODY LIFT (aka: CIRCUMFERENTIAL ABDOMINOPLASTY or BELT ABDOMINOPLASTY), skin is removed circumferentially, and in addition to a tummy-tuck, a buttock lift and outer thigh lift is done as well. This procedure is reserved for those who have very loose skin on their lower back, buttocks, and outer thighs in addition to the abdomen. Dr. Mehta recommends that patients stay overnight at the hospital for comfort and safety.
COST- $12,866 Package. Includes Consultation, Hospital fee, Anesthesia fee, Surgical fee, 1 Overnight stay at the hospital, blood tests, EKG, and Chest X-ray (if needed), medications, abdominal garment, and office follow-ups. There are no hidden fees.
Mini-tummy tucks are not covered by insurance. Tummy tucks may be covered by insurance if considered medically necessary. To qualify as medically necessary, you must have a skin fold hanging below the pubic bone and get chronic rashes underneath. We take photos at the office, and submit to your insurance company for possible coverage. Total Body Lifts may be partially covered, atleast the abdominoplasty part, if you fall into the criteria above. If you decide to self-pay, you should find it comforting that our fees are amongst the best in Tristate, and we offer the convenience of 0% interest financing using Care Credit® or Alphaeon®.

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