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It's a corrective weight loss surgery that fixes an issue with the original surgery.


  1. If you didn't lose the amount of weight expected, or lost weight but regained a good amount. This can often be the case if the stomach pouch stretches out.

  2. If you are suffering from chronic abdominal pain for an unknown reason. Nobody should live with chronic pain. It is not normal following weight loss surgery, and the cause should be quickly diagnosed and fixed.

  3. If you are suffering from severe acid reflux / GERD after a bariatric surgery. 

  4. If you vomit frequently and have trouble tolerating dense foods like chicken breast or steak.

We specialize in diagnosing and fixing such bariatric surgery issues, and have been doing so for 19 years.

Often, people are who either didn't lose enough weight or have regained weight are desperately seeking help, but have not been taken seriously. Their voice often feels ignored as they are often referred to a nutritionist , or are left on their own means to try and lose weight, which simply doesn't produce any significant or lasting results. Unfortunately, we hear this all too often as patients seek us out searching for help. Since revision procedures can require highly specific expertise, it comes as no surprise that many practices choose to not perform revisions at all, or do them infrequently.  
"Having a revision bariatric surgery by Dr. Mehta has completely changed my life. My eating habits are a lot better. I have tons of energy, can breathe easier without being out of breath, and I’m off my blood pressure medications. I’ve been a softball coach for 30 years. Now, I can hit, run and throw with the girls at practice. My aches and pains are gone. My daily walks are painless and my smile is as big as ever. Thank you Dr. M!"

Here is a patient who had gastric bypass years ago and stretched out their stomach pouch and outlet. Dr. Mehta is folding & stitching the stomach pouch making it much smaller so the patient can feel full after eating a small amount. There is no cutting of the stomach or the intestines. The stomach can be made significantly smaller, even smaller than the initial operation, maximizing weight loss. This procedure takes about 1.5 hrs, and patients can return to work in 2-3 days. The same can be done if your gastric sleeve has stretched out. These revision cases were modified thereby eliminating re-cutting of the stomach or intestine, and creating a tiny stomach pouch for maximal weight loss. Additionally, a Lap-Band can be added to the revision procedure for greater weight loss & long term restriction. We discuss the options and tailor the procedure to best meet your needs.

  1. If you had weight loss surgery & didn't lose the amount of weight expected, or lost weight but regained a good amount. This can often be the case if the stomach pouch stretches out

  2. If you are suffering from Severe Gastric Acid Reflux (GERD) after a bariatric surgery.  

  3. If you vomit frequently and have trouble tolerating dense foods like chicken breast or steak.  This is not normal and should be evaluated.

Dr. Mehta specializes in diagnosing and fixing such bariatric surgery issues, and has been doing so for 20+ years. We routinely get patients that travel from other states and abroad to get help in complex cases.  This level of expertise is learned over 2 decades of specializing & treating thousands of patients. 

Lulu, our office manager, had Bariatric Surgery 19 years ago & Revision Surgery 10 yrs ago. She has been maintaining her ideal weight since & can be reached at the office if you'd like to pick her brain regarding weight loss surgery or a revision option. She is extremely easy to talk to and knows first hand the daily suffering of obese people as she once weighed 300 lbs.


Dr. Mehta is a highly experienced bariatric surgeon, with one of the most in-depth training in revision surgeries.  He did his fellowship under tutelage of Bariatric Surgery pioneer Dr. Brolin, where he was trained in many type of revision operations including variations of older Gastric Bypasses, Long Limb Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch, Jejuno-ileal bypass, Fobi-pouch, Marginal ulcers...etc. This type of training is rarely found these days, and is key into having knowledge and in-depth experience, which cannot be easily substituted

You should also find comfort in knowing that Dr. Mehta has performed thousands of bariatric surgeries, and has modified many revision operations over the years, using minimally invasive techniques, in an attempt to making them simpler and safer for patients. Many of the revisions can be done without re-cutting the stomach or the intestines.  He has treated many revision patients over his career, including some who traveled far distances for his expertise. 

Additionally, Dr. Mehta personally performs each and every surgery or procedure, in their entirety from beginning to end. Surgeries are NEVER handed off to an assistant surgeon, a junior partner, or a resident. Very often this is the case in teaching hospitals, or in groups with less experienced surgeons. Dr. Mehta also personally checks on each and every patient himself after the surgery, including on weekends. He also gives out his personal cell phone number to his patients so they have quick access to him should they have any questions or concerns. Spend some time reading his testimonials to see what his patients have to say. He always has been and remains a one man show, which is rarely seen these days. This guarantees that you get access and care by the surgeon you chose, and never a substitute.

  • ​Revision Plication of Gastric Sleeve pouch
  • ​Reduction of Gastric Sleeve pouch
  • ​Endoscopic Suturing of Gastric Sleeve
  • ​Conversion to Mini-Gastric Bypass
  • ​Conversion to Gastric Bypass 
  • ​Co​nversion to Long Limb Gastric Bypass (Aka: Distal Gastric Bypass)
  • ​​Conversion to Duodenal Switch
  • ​Revision Plication of Gastric Bypass
  •  Lap-Band over Gastric Bypass
  •  Combination: Revision Plication of Gastric Bypass with Lap band placed over Gastric Bypass 
  •  Revision Plication of Gastric Bypass with increasing the amount of intestine bypassed. (aka: Long limb gastric bypass, or Distal Gastric Bypass)
  • Removal of band w/ conversion to a Gastric Sleeve
  • ​Removal of band w/ conversion to Mini-Gastric Bypass
  • Removal of band w/ conversion to Gastric Bypass
  • ​Removal of band w/ conversion to Long Limb Gastric Bypass (Aka: Distal Gastric Bypass)
  • ​Removal of band with conversion to Duodenal Switch
Revision surgeries have come a long way. For 18 years, we've been performing these procedures laparoscopically, using tiny skin incisions and cameras.  We have modified the older procedures in an effort to making them safer overall. Instruments and surgical staplers have also improved over this time period adding to the safety. And of course nearly 2 decades of revision surgery experience adds to patient safety. You should know that a lot of patients have successfully undergone some type of revision procedure through us, as this a very common part of our surgical practice.

Overall weight loss depends on many factors. Since you are unique, and so is your weight loss journey, diet & lifestyle, how much weight you will lose can only be estimated after putting your entire picture together, and gathering information about the bariatric surgery you had. Dr. Mehta usually starts by performing an endoscopy himself to evaluate your prior surgery. 

20 years ago, when people underwent an open revision surgery, they would be expected to stay in the hospital for at least a week to 10 days.  Now most of our patients go home the either same day, or require 1 overnight stay. Most people can resume work from home in 2 days or go to a desk job in about 3-4 days depending on the type of surgery they had.  Those who can take more time off, generally take a week.

In our experience, revision bariatric surgeries are usually covered by insurance. Once we contact your insurance company, we find out exactly what is covered, and can give you details. We do not proceed without your consent, and we do not send anyone surprise bills at the back end.  If needed, financing is also available which can be paid off over several years.

1. Options include upgrading insurance which usually happens in November for most people. You can contact us and find out which insurance benefits would best fit you.  
2. Self-Pay is also an option. We have package fees that include everything... consultation, hospital OR, anesthesia, surgery, medications, overnight stay...etc. 
3. Our office can sometimes get insurances to cover part of the procedure using "Split-authorization". This could save you a large amount.
4.  Financing is available using Care Credit and Health Care Services Loans.  These loans can be paid back on your time line.


"Dr. Mehta and his staff (especially Lulu) are great!! Dr. Mehta has a great bedside manner and takes the time to talk to you and answer any and all questions that you may have. My situation was different than most. I had an old gastric banding placed in back in 1985. My surgery was performed by a surgeon who no longer practices. I had gone to many doctors and finally met Dr. Mehta who decided to help me by performing corrective surgery to remove the band and perform the new gastric bypass. I was back up to 225 lbs and I am now down to 140 lbs. My husband met with Dr. Mehta while he was in the hospital and liked his manners and asked me to call him. I had no problem getting an appointment and he explained everything I needed to know. I had the surgery and I am now feeling great and no longer in pain. I love Dr. Mehta and his staff. I felt I made a great choice and I am glad he took my case on and helped me out.
After a lifetime of losing and gaining weight, including a "stomach-stapling" surgery 13 years earlier, my personal physician recommended gastric bypass surgery. The referred surgeon said I would require "open" surgery because of my previous stapling surgery, and since he only performed laparoscopic, I needed to find another surgeon. While researching I located Dr. Mehta's website and attended several of his seminars and support group meetings. These were very open discussions of the surgical procedure and the risks and benefits associated with it. It was obvious that Dr. Mehta's patients had a great respect for him as a person and in his skills as a surgeon. During my consultation, Dr. Mehta discussed the possibility of doing the revision surgery laparoscopically. Once the day of surgery was over, I was thrilled to find that the gastric bypass was successfully completed in this minimally invasive way. Without Dr. Mehta's skills and confidence to attempt this surgery laparoscopically, I would have had several more weeks of pain and recovery time associated with "open" surgery. My recovery went very smoothly, and I benefited from the support I received from the support group and the wonderful office staff. The availability of a dietician and personal trainer’s gives you all the tools needed to make the most of this life changing procedure. At the time of surgery, I weighed 250 lbs. It has been nine months since surgery, and I am down 85-90 pounds (and still losing) and I feel great. 
I would highly recommend Dr. Mehta and his comprehensive practice to anyone seeking this type of surgery. He is an exceptional surgeon and a very caring person.

If you're having issues with a prior weight loss surgery... we can help. We treat a lot of people who've had weight loss surgery elsewhere and are having trouble finding someone to fix their problem... Whether you need to lose more weight, are regaining weight, are having chronic pain, or are suffering from acid reflux... we are here for you. 

Dr. Mehta has been specializing in bariatric surgery for nearly 2 decades, and is an expert in minimally invasive revision procedures.
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