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In this video, you can see Dr. Mehta performing a Gastric Sleeve. Once the stomach is freed from attachments, a tube in inserted inside as a guide to sizing the gastric sleeve. The stomach is then divided and stapled simultaneously using a specialized stapling device. The larger portion of the stomach is cut and removed from the abdomen, leaving behind a much smaller stomach in the shape of a banana. 

(Lose 50 -150 lbs.)
The Gastric Sleeve is performed laparoscopically using cameras and tiny skin incisions. Approximately 75% of the stomach is removed, leaving a significantly smaller stomach resembling the size and shape of a banana. The part of the stomach that produces the hormone Ghrelin is removed. This hormone plays a role in causing the feeling of hunger. Ghrelin levels decrease after Sleeve Gastrectomy as do feelings of hunger. Of course, a small stomach means you feel completely full after eating just a small amount of food. Therefore, the combination of having a small stomach, and being less hungry adds to the overall weight loss.

- 1 hour surgery
- 1 overnight hospital stay
- Return to work within a week.
- Liquid diet starts after surgery, and is slowly progressed to solid diet over weeks.

We find that patients are extremely satisfied with this procedure. They go about their daily lives with a stomach that still feels pretty normal, although significantly smaller. After a few months, patients can tolerate nearly everything that they normally enjoy.  People feel full after a small amount of food, but do no feel cheated that they can't eat enough or enjoy food. They still enjoy their favorite foods, and go to their favorite restaurants. Since their is no re-routing of intestines, there is minimal mal-absorption of nutrients, compared to the Gastric Bypass. There is also no artificial product inside them like the Lap-Band®. 

Although losing weight and looking thinner is often the most obvious benefit, the real benefits lie beneath the surface. These include significant improvements of the following: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Obesity related Infertility, Obesity related Depression, High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, Coronary Artery Disease, Arthritis, Headaches, Migraines, Back and Joint Pains, etc...

Every surgery carries some risks. Some of the risks of a Gastric Sleeve include leak from the staple line, bleeding, and infection. A leak happens when a small hole in the stomach staple line opens up after surgery. Although it's not very common, it can still be a concern. Studies have shown that applying a buttressing material in-between the staple line decreases the chance of a leak and of bleeding. Dr. Mehta applies these buttressing products between staple lines for all his patients, so the chance of having a leak is minimized even further.

The decision to have Bariatric Surgery is not made easily. It can be overwhelming when looking through the infinite amount of information on the internet. People often research for the right place, the right surgeon, the right center, the right credentials...etc. Most importantly, they want to be 100% sure that they're choosing the right surgeon. You should find comfort in knowing that Dr. Mehta is a highly experienced bariatric surgeon, who has performed thousands of bariatric surgeries.  

He did his fellowship under tutelage of Bariatric Surgery pioneer Dr. Brolin, where he was trained in many type of revision operations including variations of older Gastric Bypasses, Long Limb Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch, Jejuno-ileal bypass, Fobi-pouch, Marginal ulcers...etc. This type of training is rarely found these days, and is key into having knowledge and in-depth experience, which cannot be easily substituted. He has been performing laparoscopic bariatric surgeries over his entire career and has treated many patients who traveled far distances for his expertise. 

It's been well over a decade that a patient had to undergo an open procedure.

He personally performs each and every surgery or procedure. Surgeries are NEVER handed off to an assistant surgeon, a junior partner, or a resident. Very often this is the case in teaching hospitals, or in groups with less experienced surgeons. Dr. Mehta also personally checks on each and every patient himself after the surgery, including on weekends. He also gives out his personal cell phone number to his patients so they have quick access to him should they have any questions or concerns. Spend some time reading hundreds of testimonials to see what his patients have to say.
"I suffered from diabetes, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, sleep apnea, lack of energy, swollen feet and grumpiness. Best of all I no longer use medicines & no longer suffer from any of the other medical issues. Even my grumpiness has gone away. My PCP was amazed and very impressed. I wish that there was a way to thank Dr. Mehta for what he has done. If I could do it all over again, I would in heart beat with Dr. Mehta."
- Miguel C. (Lost 76 lbs.)

"I was made aware of Dr. Mehta’s program through an associate at work and went to a seminar. I was shocked at the reaction that Dr. Mehta received from his patients during the seminar. He answered all of my questions straight to the point. Even though snags with my insurance my total experience with the program was fantastic!! Dr. Mehta has given me my life back! I am able to live and work like I did when I was young! I feel I was given a chance to start over and I owe it to Dr. Mehta. My surgery was flawless. I felt great after. Recovery was quick and now I am on my way to new goals. Thank you so much for the new LIFE!!"

Dr. Mehta and his staff (especially Lulu) are great!! Dr. Mehta has a great bedside manner and takes the time to talk to you and answer any and all questions that you may have. My situation was different than most. I had an old gastric banding placed in back in 1985. My surgery was performed by a surgeon who no longer practices. The banding had gone bad and eroded through my stomach causing a lot of pain. I had gone to many doctors and finally met Dr. Mehta who decided to help me by performing corrective surgery to remove the band and perform the new gastric bypass. I was back up to 225 lbs and I am now down to 140 lbs. My husband met with Dr. Mehta while he was in the hospital and liked his manners and asked me to call him. I had no problem getting an appointment and he explained everything I needed to know. I had the surgery and I am now feeling great and no longer in pain. I love Dr. Mehta and his staff. I felt I made a great choice and I am glad he took my case on and helped me out. 


A really old video!
, and mmay be considered complex casesIf you've had complicated abdominal operations and have been told that bariatric surgery can't be done, or has to be with an "open" incision, you may want to consider getting a 2nd opinion from Dr. Mehta. He has been performing laparoscopically bariatric surgeries for 17 years, including on patients who had many prior open surgeries.
- Gastric Sleeve is often covered by insurance with minimal or no cost to the patient.

- Self pay package if not using insurance: $15,900. Generally, fees for the sleeve elsewhere are in the 20k+ range.
Our fee includes Consultation, Preop testing (EKG & blood tests), Surgery fee, Anesthesia fee, Hospital fee, 1 overnight hospital stay, hospital medications, and office follow-ups. 

- We offer the convenience of 0% interest financing.

- Self-pay patients can often have the surgery within 2 weeks of the initial consultation.
Schedule a one to one consultation with Dr. Mehta
While internet is the easiest and fastest way to gather general information, it's no substitute for a one to one consultation with Dr. Mehta who can take everything about you into account, including: your age, sex, medical & surgical history, medical co-morbidities, overall weight loss goals, expectations from surgery....etc. Processing all this information and relying on experience of thousands of patients and up to date knowledge allows Dr. Mehta to give you sound advice of the best option for YOU, specifically. This is different than going to a pre-designed power-point seminar where everything is generalized for the audience.
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